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Welcome to Anwaltskanzei Diedrich your dedicated expert in employment law in Berlin. As a specialized and certified labor law attorney, Bettina Diedrich is committed to providing personalized legal solutions for both employers and employees.

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At Anwaltskanzei Diedrich, you benefit from the expertise and focused attention of a “Fachanwältin für Arbeitsrecht“ (specialized attorney for labor law). Bettina Diedrich understands the nuances of German labor law and is dedicated to safeguarding your rights and interests.

Services at Anwaltskanzei Diedrich encompass legal counseling, meticulous contract reviews, strategic dispute resolution, and representation in labor court. Bettina Diedrich fosters a collaborative relationship with clients, ensuring transparent communication and strategic advice tailored to your specific situation.

Being based in Berlin, Bettina Diedrich possesses a profound understanding of the local business landscape, allowing her to navigate the intricacies of labor law in the city effectively. Trust Bettina Diedrich to be your ally in all employment-related legal matters.

A particular focus of her work within employment law is in the area of dismissal protection law.

In Germany, the termination protection system plays a crucial role in employment law, ensuring a fair and balanced relationship between employers and employees. The „Kündigungsschutz“, or protection against dismissal, is designed to safeguard employees from arbitrary or unjust termination.

Under German law, employers are generally required to provide valid reasons for terminating an employment contract, and dismissals are subject to strict scrutiny. There are specific grounds for termination, such as misconduct, incapacity, or operational reasons. Additionally, employers must follow procedural requirements, including providing written notice and, in some cases, obtaining approval from the relevant employment court.

One key aspect of the „Kündigungsschutz“ is the distinction between ordinary and extraordinary dismissals. Ordinary dismissals involve terminations with notice, whereas extraordinary dismissals are immediate and typically require severe misconduct on the part of the employee.

Employees in Germany also have the right to challenge dismissals they believe are unfair. This often involves filing a claim with the labor court within three weeks after receiving the termination letter, which can lead to reinstatement or compensation if the termination is deemed unjust.

In summary, the „Kündigungsschutz“ framework in Germany emphasizes the protection of employees, ensuring that terminations are justified and follow a transparent and lawful process. This system seeks to maintain a balance between the interests of employers and employees, fostering a fair and stable employment environment.

Contact Anwaltskanzei Diedrich today to schedule a consultation and experience firsthand the focused expertise and commitment she brings to navigating the complexities of labor law in Berlin.

The cost of an initial consultation for employees without legal expenses insurance is a flat rate of € 60 including VAT. The initial consultation can be held in our offices but also by telephone or video call. And - of course - the consultation can take place in english.

If you are considering a more extensive assignment, we will of course calculate the exact costs and inform you before the assignment. If you have legal expenses insurance („Rechtsschutzversicherung“), we will of course take care of the entire process with this insurance.

Benefit from the effective legal protection system in Germany and take advantage of legal assistance. We look forward to being able to help you!
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